Dino Sore

Philly has been quite the “Jurassic Park” lately, with mobsters round every corner … breathing heavily and causing more than a few ripples in the beers nursed by the denizens of Logan Square.

Now that Jack “Blackjack” McIntyre—Philadelphia’s “young and sexy” US Attorney—has finally put away Dino “T-Rex” Reggiano, maybe we’ll all sleep safer at night. Next up … Godzilla!?

Blackjack McIntyre already garnered quite the media darling rep when he successfully prosecuted Abner Jackson for running the second largest Ponzi scheme in recent history. Rumor around the USA’s office on Sixth Street is that it was because of Blackjack’s own investments that he got such a jump on Jackson’s phony fund.

Now Jackson’s in a jumpsuit, T-Rex is in a federal Jurassic Prison, and we hear that Blackjack could be in line for a district court judgeship. You read it here first.

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