Ohmigod I did not see that one coming!

Scout here. So I have a confession to make. I watch junky TV. Like that reality show, The Fishbowl, which has been just an extra bit fun this summer because one of the contestants, Lissa, is from Philly.

(Not that she’s been that interesting a player, by the way. Not like Dylan–whoo, the mouth on that man. No, not his teeth, which are so white I suspect his smile can be seen from the moon. No, I’m talking about the number of times they have to bleep his language…I’m waiting for the “bleeping machine” to break!)

But that’s not why I’m posting here. When it was just some South Philly bartender, big deal, right? Nothing for Philly’s legal gossip site to glom onto.

Then last Sunday night, they ran a Very Special Fishbowl episode and it was revealed that “Lissa” is really “Libby” aka Elizabeth Pembroke, a rising third-year law student at Franklin Law.

Did not see that one coming at all!

And best of all? Lissa (the real one, not the law student one) name-checked US. This very website. Philly Law Life!

It seems that it was because of our post about Myer & Hogg that the twins knew Libby would be out of a job this summer and thus free to go on the show. (Sorry about losing the gig, Lib, but you have to think winning a million dollars was better than working in one of the back offices in the brownstone mansion on Nineteenth Street. We’re heard they had very dodgy air conditioning.)

Wow. How cool is it that our site got mentioned? This should improve our Alexa rankings a bit–a plug on national TV!

So if you’re a new reader, here because one of the twins mentioned us, remember: everything you read here is deeply anonymous. Send us your gossip and we promise no one will ever know you posted here.

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