Another Shocker From the Federal Courthouse

My hairdresser happens to be the next-door-neighbor of the sister of one of the court reporters. Specifically, the court reporter who was one of only six¹ people who heard brand new district court judge, Blackjack McIntyre, declare his love for Fergusson & Leith senior associate, Elise Pennington.

Oh, don’t mumble about this being quadruple hearsay. I’m not offering this for the truth of the matter. And it hardly goes to state of mind, because from what I’ve heard, His Honor has lost his wits completely.

What I heard is this: Blackjack McIntyre, the darling of the social pages in Philadelphia Magazine (and its cover this month), took one look at Ms. Carroll and said he had to recuse himself because he was in love with her.Can you even stand it? How many women have dated this guy? There’s that anchor on Channel whatsit (oh, you know: you’ve seen the billboard over I-95) and wasn’t there some professor at Penn? And those are just two women happy to be seen on Judge McEligible’s arm.

So, imagine the shock in the courtroom when Elise Carroll–not exactly a household name in legal circles–argued with the court! First rule of trial advocacy: Say “Yes, Judge” until you get back to the office and can file your appeal.

Although I have no idea how you appeal a declaration of love.

Anyway, you know that look Blackjack would get as the U.S. Attorney in one of his press conferences when a reporter asked a particularly stupid question? Yes, that look! That’s the look Elise got when she said that love-at-first-sight is about as real as the Easter Bunny.

So how did it end? Unfortunately, the rest of the discussion took place in his chambers and my sources have not been able to get more deets on the down-low.

But if I do learn anything else, I’ll be sure to tell you!

¹Maybe seven; no one can remember if the judge’s deputy, Tony, was in the room at the time.

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