Was That Who We Thought It Was?

At last Friday’s First Friday art gallery crawl, we’re pretty sure we witnessed quite the oddest threesome imaginable.

His Honor, Judge Blackjack-in-a-black-robe McIntyre, was at that gallery–you know the one I mean, the one with the really big, really ugly canvases?–when who walked in but two of the Fergusson Leith litigators, Christine Pennington and Elise Carroll. They make a very striking pair: Christine looks like a rather vamp-ish model and Elise has a distinctive bob the color of smoke.

Anyhow, they walked up to Judge McHottie like they knew him. Last we’d heard, Elise Carroll was hiding under a rock since His Honor threw her quite the breaking curve ball in court last month. So seeing her was a bit of a shock. But it’s now a ménage? Is that even allowed under judicial ethics?

But no, our eyes did deceive us. Christine enjoyed a pleasant enough conversation with the jurist, then wandered off to talk to some dweeby guy in tweeds and a wispy goatee. Judge M then corralled Ms. Carroll and they left for a dinner à deux at Amada.

Hmm. What do you suppose all that was about? Boy, sometimes I really wish a court reporter followed Blackjack around. I’d read that transcript religiously!

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