How Low They Can Go?

A completely obscure former associate at Dechert (itself the former Dechert, Price & Rhodes) and Duane Morris (formerly Duane Morris & Heckscher; hey, d’you suppose the shades of Price, Rhodes & Heckscher–whose corporeal selves have been expunged from their respective firms’ Wikipedia pages–play celestial poker together?) by the name of Magdalen Braden has written a romance novel.

Yeah, that’s what we thought too. As bad as lawyer jokes make us out to be, romance novelists are truly despised. Barbara Cartland, anyone?

Okay, back to the gossip. Now, no one expects you to remember Magdalen, who had a brief stint at Dechert and a stint so brief it might be considered the blink of an eye at Duane Morris. We wouldn’t even care except…she’s writing about us.

Us lawyers. The Philadelphia bar, to be specific. And she’s threatening to keep doing it.

We here at Philly Law Life feel this is unseemly or even undue competition. (They say her book is funny. We wouldn’t know. We don’t read romance novels.) So we refuse to promote her book for her. (Go here if you really must know. Don’t tell them we sent you. Don’t mention us at all. You were never here. Got it?)

But someone ought to be reading her books, in case she’s borrowed specific details about any of her former colleagues, many of whom are quite respectable and thus inappropriate as fodder for romantic drivel. (Although, there was that one partner who was quite the hottie…)

Here’s the punchline though. She was a terrible associate. Lazy, incompetent, and noted for her inability to write the English language.

There you go: We’ve discovered the one thing a lawyer who can’t write may still be capable of. Writing romance novels.

Embarrassing, isn’t it?

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