How Low They Can Go?

A completely obscure former associate at Dechert (itself the former Dechert, Price & Rhodes) and Duane Morris (formerly Duane Morris & Heckscher; hey, d’you suppose the shades of Price, Rhodes & Heckscher–whose corporeal selves have been expunged from their respective … Continue reading

Don’t Spank Me!

I “accidentally” came across the website of one Christina Thacher, who claims to be a bankruptcy lawyer from the Philly area. What’s certainly true is that she’s penned some pretty racy romance stories…not that I’ve read any, you understand. Oh … Continue reading

Was That Who We Thought It Was?

At last Friday’s First Friday art gallery crawl, we’re pretty sure we witnessed quite the oddest threesome imaginable. His Honor, Judge Blackjack-in-a-black-robe McIntyre, was at that gallery–you know the one I mean, the one with the really big, really ugly … Continue reading

Admire a Bacon?

Rumor has it that Myer & Hogg—known to the Logan Square wags as “Admire a Hog”—may be going the way of WolfBlock. You heard it here first. That’s despite them taking on the tiniest number of summer associates recently. Commiserations … Continue reading

Dino Sore

Philly has been quite the “Jurassic Park” lately, with mobsters round every corner … breathing heavily and causing more than a few ripples in the beers nursed by the denizens of Logan Square. Now that Jack “Blackjack” McIntyre—Philadelphia’s “young and … Continue reading